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The first Brazilian company specialized in proprietary projects creation and eSports brand positioning.

Cursor eSports has a purpose of supporting brands to exploit the full potential of the electronic sports environment with innovation, engagement and connectivity

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We are passionate and understand eSport as a complete communication and innovation platform capable of strengthening brands, leveraging businesses and transforming companies


A pioneer in the eSports industry in Brazil, Cursor eSports is composed by former gamers, focused on proprietary projects creation for brands and clubs


Diagnostics with opportunities and challenges, using proprietary research methodology to identify brand connections with the gaming audience. Customized proposals according to customer needs


Relationship with the biggest brands, athletes and teams that are present in the eSports environment

we do

For Brands

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  • Market research
  • Benchmark
  • Strategic Planning
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • ROI
  • Social Media Listening
  • After Sales

For Teams

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  • Project Management
  • Asset Monetization Boost
  • Strategic Planning
  • Commercial Representation
  • ROI Rating

For Athletes

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  • Project Management
  • Commercial Representation
  • Press Office
  • Sponsorship Prospection
  • Content for Integrated Communication

Learning Experience

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  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Coaching

“The eSports industry is what every traditional sports league is desperate to become: young, global, digital and increasingly engaged.”

- ESPN Magazine -

Latin America Gaming Market

Giant and fast-growing dimensions

Newzoo 2016

Population of 639.584.000

Online population of 367.611.000

Gamers 309.008.000

Latin America Gaming Market

Total earnings of

4.1 billion in latin america

Mapa América Latina
+20.1% growth 2015-2016

eSports audience

Newzoo 2016

Brazil is the 3rd biggest streaming consumer in the world

40% of spectators are enthusiasts

43 million spectators watched the League of Legends World Cup Finale online

The audience in Brazil and in the world

The audience in Brazil and in the world

"eSport it's the sport, entertainment and media platform of the digital era. Our basic precept is that big brands already need to be in this environment."

- João Sobreira, Cursor eSports C.E.O. -

Innovate your experiences, think big!

There are endless possibilities for your brand to explore an emotional experience with connected youth, through involvement, engagement, entertainment and live events.

Big Games

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    League of Legends
  • Paixão nacional para o público gamer
  • 2 million active players in Brazil
  • Over 100 million views of Brazilian athletes on Twitch TV
  • Counter Strike
  • The best players in the world are Brazilian
  • 3 Brazilian teams compete for the great championships in the world

Big Events

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    Mid Season Invitational
  • League of Legends International Tournament in Rio de Janeiro sold out in less than 1 hour
  • Pro League de Counter Strike
  • 16 thousand people attended in person at the finals of the tournament, which took place in São Paulo

Big Platforms

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  • Brazilians watched over 800 million hours on Twitch TV channels in 2016

Big Idols

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  • Gabriel Revolta is the best League of Legends player in Brazil, the most played game in the world. National champion, he was the most voted Brazilian athlete for the 2016 All Star Global LoL.


With a global vision of eSports universe and deep market knowledge, Cursor eSports develops strategic positioning for stars and teams known worldwide


- FIFA Athlete -

Team Cursor

Cursor eSports has an executive team made up of gamers and eSports enthusiasts, who came together to support the growth of the sport in Brazil. Alongside brands, we seek to create opportunities for more people to thrive through eSports in the country

João Sobreira

João Sobreira


Gabriel Duarte

Gabriel Duarte


Ge Alves

Ge Alves


Thiago Milhazes

Thiago Milhazes


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